April 2018
Volume 1 Number 3

warwick church newsletter

Vestry Members

MaryAnn Cummings (2020)

Deb MarcAurele (2020)

Arlene Orcutt (2020)

Donna Pacheco (2020)

 Tracy Robbins (2020)

Delegate to Diocesan Convention

Arlene Orcutt

Alternate Delegate to Diocesan Convention

Richard Young

By his death, Jesus has destroyed death
and won for us everlasting life.

A Seasonal Newsletter
of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pontiac

Volume 1 Number 3

All Saints Church in Pontiac


Parish Priest     Father Alfred T. K. Zadig (774-243-7609)

Vicar     Father George H. Warren (401) 710-9893)

For Emergencies (401-714-8152)


Organist     Lynn Tzitzouris

Sunday Bulletin     Jenni Liddle

Sexton     Cheryl Flynn


Senior Warden     A. H. Liddle, III

Treasurer     Meredith MarcAurele

Clerk     Richard Young

all saints church


The Great Feast of Pentecost

Sunday, May 20th

8 and 10 a.m.

From A to Z — Some Thoughts from Father Al

The other day, shopping at the supermarket, I noticed a table piled high with stuffed rabbits and a sign proclaiming “Easter Bunnies Half Price!” It was a tangible reflection of the reality that for many people Easter is over. By contrast, the Easter Candle burns at all services during the great 50 Days beginning with the First Mass of Easter and ending at Pentecost as a way of keeping our focus on the central belief of the Christian religion–that Jesus rose from the dead and, because of that, so will we. It matters whether that belief is really true or not. It matters whether our loved ones who have died have simply ceased to exist and have gone into nothingness, or whether Our Lord’s promise is true, that there is a Larger Life which follows human death. In the words of the Proper Preface used at funeral Masses, “life is changed, not ended when our mortal body lies in death.” How meaningful it is that for fifty days, the light of the Easter Candle reminds us not only that we are in a liturgical season called “Eastertide,” but the creedal affirmation of belief in “the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come” is more than just words in the prayer book. It is a truth that makes a difference. In fact, it makes the difference.

Switching to another topic: in the last newsletter, I wrote about Father Granville Henthorne, sometime Rector of this parish, and the decision of our Vestry to honor him by establishing the “Father Henthorne Fund.” So far, over two thousand dollars have been given in his memory making possible among other things the enlargement of the Altar, a new white frontal now in use and a green frontal for the long Trinity season. It has also provided the funds to purchase a monstrance for Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament during the Watch at the Altar of Repose on Maundy Thursday and a large Crucifix used in the Good Friday Liturgy for the Veneration of the Cross. My heart is warmed by  seeing our parish blessed by the memory of a fine priest.


Vicar’s Notes

The Seasons of the Church Year

From Advent to The Feast of Christ the King we focus on accounts of the life of Jesus, as the Universal King. The term “catholic” means “universal” for all people, at all times, in all places. Of course, this theology needs further explanation as it has been widely misinterpreted and misused over history.

The Seasons of the Church Calendar (year) focus on the evolution of the Holy Bible from revisiting the ancient Israelites to the birth and historical life of the Christ, the resurrection, and on to the evolution of the Church and Her beginning history. The celebration of All the Saints marks the ongoing life of “God’s People” on the earth.

Our celebration of Holy Week focuses on the meaning of “pure love” as we experience in the story of Jesus. From Lent to the Passion and Holy Week, from Easter to the Pentecost, we focus on the reality of God revealed to us, His beloved children.

See the following pictures of those historical events about us and the spirit of God in, through and around us.

                                                                   Fr. George Warren+

From the Senior Warden

Dear Parishioners,

Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal. Here at All Saints, we are experiencing a spirit of rejuvenation under the guidance of Father George and Father Al. Happy Spring!    Fred

A Message from the Treasurer

It is hard to believe that we are already into the second quarter of the year. I am pleased to share with you our first quarter results. Our income was right on budget and even slightly over. Special thanks to our parishioners for keeping their pledges up to date! Expenses on the other hand were higher than budget by about 5%. This is attributed primarily to higher-than-expected heating costs. The frigid temperatures we experienced in January could not have been predicted. If spring ever comes, we should see this expense level off. On another note, in January we said goodbye to long-time parishioner (50+ years) and friend, Don Lyford. The donations we received in his memory are a testament to the fine man he was and how much he was loved. We are grateful to Don’s family for remembering All Saints.

Meredith MarcAurele


Tracy Robbins was not mentioned as a member of the Vestry in the Lent newsletter. Tracy, our apology, and thank you for saying yes to serving our parish in this way!

Adrianna Pacheco was inducted into the Spanish Honor Society at Toll Gate High School. Congratulations Adrianna, buen trabajo! We are very proud of you!

Karen Thompson – Have you received an unexpected greeting card from All Saints? Are you wondering who sent the card? It was Karen! Thank you Karen for reviving this ministry in our parish!                                                   (More Kudos on back cover!)

palm sunday

Palm Sunday

“The simplicity of pure love on Jesus’ unusual triumphal entry.”

maundy thursday

Maundy Thursday (The Garden of Gethsemane)

“This is my body, this is my blood, given to (and for you) into eternity.”
“Please let this cup pass from me. But not my will be done.”

good friday

Good Friday

“Father, forgive them…. Take care of one another…;
It is finished but he is not dead…”

warwick church newsletter

Holy Saturday

“He is gone? What now?
The dark cold world then brightened by new light, brighter than ever before realized…history completed!”

easter day

Easter Day

He is alive! We are alive!

warwick church newsletter


The descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus. The birth of the Church. The evidence of “the gifts of the Holy Spirit” as lived by “God’s children.”

Photos courtesy of Hansi MacNeil, Tracy Robbins, Fred Liddle, and free internet.

“It was the black one.”


Four Generations of All Saints

The Smith Family
Front Row, Left to Right–Kristen, (Granddaughter), Baby Jackson (Great Grandson), Cindy (Daughter), Anne & Hoot Smith (Mom and Dad)
Back Row, Left to Right–Fr. Warren and Fr. Zadig

On Sunday, March 11, 2018, we were blessed to have four generations of the Smith family present at the 10 o’clock Service! We did not hear a peep from one month old Baby Jackson. It was so nice to have Kristen and Baby Jackson in our midst. Hoot and Anne, you started it all! Congratulations!

Photo Courtesy of Fred Liddle.

Did You KnowThis time, some terms beginning with “C.”

Canon – (From the Greek for “rule.”) (1) A law of the church. In addition to national canons, each diocese has its own additional canon laws. (2) Someone on the Bishop’s staff who has been given that title. They may be ordained or lay people. (3) A member of a cathedral staff. (4) The list of books the Church chose to be “The Bible.” (5) That part of the Eucharistic liturgy which consecrates the bread and wine.

Cassock – A long garment reaching from shoulders to ankles often worn by clergy and those assisting in the conduct of worship.

Catechism – An elementary instruction in the principles of the Faith (see The Book of Common Prayer, pp 845-862).

Cathedral – (From the Greek for “chair.”) The building in which the Bishop’s Chair (or cathedra) is located.

Chasuble – A garment worn by the bishop or priest presiding at the Eucharist. Its color usually reflects the holy day or particular focus of the Mass being celebrated.

Church Expectant – That portion of the Church consisting of the faithful departed in Paradise awaiting the final Resurrection.

Church Militant – The Church on earth (“militant” because it is called to fight against evil and sin).

Church Triumphant – The saints in heaven with God.

Clergy – A collective term for those who have received the sacrament of Holy Orders and refers to bishops, priests, and deacons.

Collect – A short prayer which collects or sums up the day or focus of the Mass being celebrated.

Compline – One of four daily prayer services in the Book of Common Prayer (also known as Night Prayer). It is the seventh and last of the “canonical hours” prayed in many monasteries and convents.

"Let my people go,

so they may worship me.”


Then the LORD said to Moses, "Go to Pharaoh, and say to him, “Thus says the LORD, the God of the Hebrews: "Let my people go, so that they may worship me." (NRSV Exodus 9: 1)

St. Barnabas and All Saints joined together in a Seder, a festive holiday meal, actually meaning "order." It is called this because the meal is done in a certain order which takes us from slavery to freedom. The Haggadah - which means "the telling" - is the book that was used at the Seder. The Haggadah explains the foods on the Seder plate, recounts the highlights of the Exodus and includes songs, and prayers.

On March 18, 2018, when we walked into the parish hall at St. Barnabas, we found tables all set up for the ceremonial dinner. On the tables were the Seder plates that held the ritual items of Marror, Orange, Karpas, Roasted Egg, Shankbone, Charoset and Salt Water. The Marror (bitter herbs, usually horseradish, and it was), Charoset (a sweet salad of apples, nuts, wine and cinnamon), Karpas (a green vegetable, usually parsley), Salt Water (symbolizes the tears and sweat of enslavement), Orange, (a symbol of the fruitfulness of all Jews), Roasted Egg (a symbol in many different cultures, usually signifying springtime and renewal), Boiled Egg (reflect on our lives this year and soften our hearts to those around us), Wine (a symbol of joy), and a Candle (representing the light of God’s face shining upon us). These were all used throughout the ceremony.

Also, on the tables was the Haggadah, the text that we followed throughout the dinner. Rabbi Joseph Murray led us through the Haggadah. He leads services at Congregation Or Chadash in Cranston.

The Seder included beef brisket and chicken served along with many delicious side dishes, including desserts. The Seder was, indeed, educational, fun and participatory!

Thank you All Saints, St. Barnabas and Rabbi Joe!


Our Seder Family...

church events

Our Seder Family...

warwick church newsletter

Rabbi Joe and Fr. Al

Fr. Al wants to add his thank you to our parishioners who stayed after the end and helped with the clean-up…it made him so proud of our folks!     Photos courtesy of Fred Liddle.


Or is it "Match" days?

Bea Ellenwood, May 5th

Anna Caruolo, July 10th

Joe MarcAurele, June 8th

MaryAnn Cummings, July 13th

Mike Croke, June 29th

Shirley Williams, July 20th

Paul MarcAurele, July 1st

Fr. George Warren, July 21st

Zachary Pacheco, July 4th

Tom Thompson, July 26th

Norm Ellinwood, July 6th

Bruce MacNeil, August 8th 

Karen Thompson, July 7th

Sharon Bouchard August 13th

Warwick Church CharitySt. Rose of Lima is able to submit collected Box Tops for Education labels. These collected labels are worth $.10 per label and earn money for the school to use towards electronics and other expensive items. The labels are found on many household foods and other items, such as cereal and tissue boxes. The entire label, including the expiration date, needs to be on the coupon to be valid to send it in.

Any collected Box Tops can be given to Fred in an envelope or sandwich baggie, or they can be left on the desk in the church office. Thanks in advance for your help!

Jenni Liddle, Teacher, St. Rose of Lima

Rectory Leaf Gang

Rectory Leaf Gang!

Elenor Summers, Joshua Summers, Brenton Sunderland, & Andrew Summers

Joshua Summers is working on his Eagle Scout badge. He is with Troup 7 Buttonwoods. One of his favorite parts of scouting is helping out the community. He has helped us — he and his “leaf gang” came and raked leaves at the rectory. Great job and thank you guys so much!                          Photo courtesy of Tracy Robbins.

Would you be interested in a women’s group offering affirmation and support?

WHY:  God is in all of our connections and in the sacred space between us.

“I want to honor the commitment and community of

All Saints Church in Pontiac.”

NUTS AND BOLTS:  Minimum 4 women; 8-10 sessions; 1 ¼ to 1½ hours.

COST: There is no cost.

WHEN:  Time and day to be decided by those interested.

TOPICS:  Follow the interests of the members. Meet with each individual before the first meeting and explore interests.

OPEN also to women in the larger church community.

Bring a friend!

CALL:   Anna M. Caruolo, M.S.W.

Clinical Social Worker


More KUDOS   Hoot Smith and Meredith MarcAurele help with the Newsletter making life much easier. Hoot helps with the labels and preparations for mailing and Meredith is proofreader extraordinaire. Thank you both for your kindness and all of your effort!

This newsletter is provided by the Urquhart-Murphy Funeral Home.

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